Hot Stamp Transfer Foil for IV-bags

For optimum performance in hot-stamping foil technology we recommend this high-grade product. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and produces superior prints.

The flexible containers that package injectable drugs must provide the essential information of the product: its name, the name of the laboratory holding the MA, the name of the manufacturer and/or the name of the subcontracting laboratory if applicable, the volume contained and the composition of the product. Variable data are also indicated. They concern the batch number, the production number, or the expiration date. Since a misinterpretation of the information by the end user can lead to serious consequences for the patient, printing is an important aspect. Likewise, for an user-friendly comprehension and to avoid any risk of error, its quality must be faultless.

Heißprägefolie für PP-basierte Infusionslösungsbeuteln

The APF product info

Substrate materialPP; PET
Conditionsdry, clean and ventilated place
Temperature5-40 °C
  • Available in different colors
  • Suitable for Polypropylene based IV-bag-printing
  • Comes in customized widths and core dimensions
  • Meets regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical packaging
Heißprägefolie für PP-basierte Infusionslösungsbeuteln


On flexible container manufacturing machines, the printing station is located at the beginning of the process before the bag welding and filling step within the production line. This can be achieved by using an engraved plate that acts as a stamp and a printing film. Specifically designed for this type of primary packaging, the APF , Hot Stamp Transfer Foil, provided by Polycine are compatible with industrial production equipment for PP or PET bags. They are customizable in widths and core dimensions. They offer a perfect heat resistance when the finished product undergoes its terminal sterilization cycle by autoclave.

The Polycine hot stamping foil was especially developed to give best printing results on Polycine’s Multi-layer PP films. The characters remain clearly readable and are resistant to scratches that may occur during handling. Additionally, after 121°C steam sterilization. Polycine also offers regulatory & documentation support to assure all final products are fully compliant with the regulations.

Polycine ’s promise to deliver to its customers:

  • The highest benefits regarding quality, safety, cost-effectiveness, customer specific products, customer service and technical support is guaranteed.
  • Tailor-made and standard products for every kind of pharmaceutical solution.
  • We have received license approval of China CDE/NMPA and have lodged US FDA DMF, Type III packaging material as well as Canada Health Master Files.
Heißprägefolie für PP-basierte Infusionslösungsbeuteln
Main application

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Heißprägefolie für PP-basierte Infusionslösungsbeuteln

APF for PolyPropylen-based IV-bag-printing

  • Available in different colors
  • Suitable for PP-based IV-bag-printing
  • Comes in customized widths and core dimensions
  • Meets regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical packaging

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