Highest product quality

Polycine Advanced Polypropylene and Polypropylene films and tubes for primary packaging are manufactured in a class 10.000 cleanroom environment from medical grade raw materials. The entire production process is monitored and controlled online to ensure highest product quality; it follows the basic standards of GMP .

The quality assurance system of the production site meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 . Our documentation system guarantees full lot traceability down to a single roll.

Medical grade films

Manufacturing of PolyPropylene Film

To produce high-quality films, medical grade raw materials are required. The production of the polymers used for the composition of APP PolyPropylene and APE PolyEthylene films is carried out using Polycine’s own formulations.


Manufacturing of IV-Bags

Flexible bags have become the primary packaging of choice for a wide range of injectable pharmaceutical products. Ready to administer or to reconstitute, these drugs require sterile containers that are efficient, reliable, and secure due to their intravenously administration


Form-Fill-Seal Machines (FFS)

FFS machines combine all the steps in the packaging process of an intravenous product: manufacture of the primary packaging, printing, filling, insertion of connectors, sealing and closing of tubes.


Production of hot stamping foil

Polycine hot stamping foil is specifically designed to achieve the best printing results on Polycine’s multilayer PP films. Polycine also offers regulatory compliance and documentation support, ensuring that all finished products are fully compliant with the regulatory guidelines.

Heißprägefolie für PP-basierte Infusionslösungsbeuteln