Advanced Polypropylene, overwrap & secondary packaging films

Ensuring the safety of pharmaceutical drugs is a priority for us.

While the primary packaging contains the actual drug product, therefore directly sheathing it from external hazards, the secondary packaging entails the entire physical elements. That is the primary packaging, tubes, and the connectors for its administration. Whether it concerns sensitive or non-sensitive injectable solutions, the overwrap is as important as the primary packaging. It has a very specific purpose: to ensure the protection of the product throughout its life cycle, from product release and shipping to its use in the hospital environment.

The selection of the film leaves nothing to chance, and many parameters are taken into account by our qualified experts. The first element considered is the terminal sterilization method of the finished product, as the film must be compatible with the chosen solution. This can be a terminal sterilization cycle by autoclave, EtO, Gamma or Beta radiation. The second criterion evaluated concerns the indispensable barrier properties that guarantee the best drug preservation. Certainly, some antibiotics and products such as parenteral nutrition solutions are very sensitive to light.

Advanced PolyPropylenfolien für Umverpackungsfolien

Due to their excellent UV, oxygen, carbon dioxide, or water vapor barrier properties, and their perfect resistance during the sterilization cycle at 121°C, the Advanced Polypropylene APP-166, APP-127-S and APP-294 overwrapping films developed by Polycine meet all these requirements. Ensuring an optimal protection for the most sensitive pharmaceutical products.
From an industrial point of view, Polycine ’s overwrap films can be adapted to automated overwrapping.

Depending on the chosen process, such as thermoforming, flow-wrapping, vertical FFS , or 3-side pouch sealing we will recommend you the right type of Polycine overwrap. Thermoformed overpouches and flow wrapped outer bags made from our Advanced Polypropylene films preserve and protect products from contamination, and damage. The advantage of 3-side sealed pouches is that they can be made from double-ply film, ensuring lowest particle levels.

All Polycine overwrap materials are resistant to 121°C steam sterisation.

Main Application

Our products

Polycine Rolle XL

Overwrap film with gas barrier characteristics

Overwrap film with gas barrier characteristics especially designed for gas sensitive medical solutions. It is capable for steam sterilization process.

  • Overwrap film for nutrition or bicarbonate solution
  • Excellent gas barrier properties
  • Sterilizable at 121°C
Polycine Umverpackungsbeutel

Overwrap film for standard IV solution

Overwrap film for standard IV solution

  • Excellent water vapour barrier properties
  • Sterilizable at 121°C
Polycine Rolle L breit weiß

Overwrap film for protection of high oxygen sensitive solutions

Overwrap film for protection of high oxygen sensitive solutions or bi-carbonate solution

  • Excellent gas barrier properties
  • Excellent water vapour properties
  • Excellent UV protection

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