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We are delighted to share the exciting news of our participation in the upcoming CPHI & PMEC China, marking a momentous return to the global stage. After a brief hiatus, we are eager to reconnect with industry peers, partners, and prospective clients as we unveil our latest innovations at booth N5 G28. At our booth N5 G28, we are set to showcase cutting-edge solutions that underscore our commitment to innovation. One of our key highlights is our liquid drug packaging, specifically designed to meet the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Our films, including those for multi-chamber bags, present a versatile solution for haemodialysis, such as pre-mix sodium bicarbonate, and serve as an effective solution for cleaning the fluid channels of haemodialysis machines using citric acid. Our liquid drug packaging solutions cater to diverse needs, featuring two, three, or more chambers, packaging for large volumes, and peel seal technology, among other innovative features. These advancements exemplify Polycine's dedication to providing solutions that enhance the safety, efficacy, and convenience of pharmaceutical packaging. Moreover, our booth will spotlight sustainability through environmentally friendly packaging solutions, such as our new EVO portfolio. The exhibition will be an opportunity to witness interactive demonstrations showcasing the resilience and performance of Polycine products. Engage with our experts to gain insights into how our solutions can elevate the quality and shelf life of pharmaceutical products.


CPHI China

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What is CPHI China?

China, currently the second-largest pharmaceutical market globally, is on a trajectory to claim the top spot. The government's strategic endeavours to position the country as a research and development (R&D) hub align seamlessly with its existing manufacturing success. Remarkably, China produces a staggering 40% of the world's Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), solidifying its pivotal role in the global pharmaceutical landscape. As we witness the remarkable growth of the Chinese pharmaceutical market and its ascent as a global R&D leader, Polycine is honoured to contribute to this transformative journey. Join us at the “At the heart of Pharma” in China, as we proudly showcase our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in pharmaceutical packaging. We look forward to welcoming you to Booth N5 G28 for insightful conversations and shared discoveries.


CPHI China 2023